Service Operations Vessel

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Service Operations Vessel (SOV) with Walk to Work access

Service Operations Vessel

The Service Operations Vessel has been designed to provide motion compensated transfers for personnel and equipment with optimum logistic flows for the offshore wind industry. The vessel layout offers a large open workdeck area, a number of sheltered workshops and fully covered storage spaces.

The vessel is specifically designed for high-end seakeeping and comfort levels. The vessel features low power consumption and dynamic positioning characteristics, fully optimised for Baltic, Irish and North Sea areas with a working operability of minimum 80 %.

The vessel is especially suited for:

  • Offshore wind planned and breakdown maintenance
  • Breakdown operations
  • Recovery duties
  • Fire fighting (option)
  • Light diving support (option)


  • Length o.a. 90.00 m
  • Beam mld. 20.00 m
  • Depth mld. 8.00 m
  • Draught summer (base) 4.80 m
  • Draught summer (underside keel foreship) 6.30 m
  • Design draught 4.65 m
  • Deadweight (at design draught) 2400 t
  • Cargo weather deck area 425 m²
  • Covered / conditioned store / workshop space 390 m²
  • Deck load (at 1 m above deck) 600 t
  • Speed 13.0 kn
  • Main engines
  • Diesel-electric, 690 V, 60 Hz
  • Power generation
  • 2x Caterpillar 3516 gensets @ 2265 ekW each
  • 2x Caterpillar C32 gensets @ 952 ekW each
  • Main propulsion
  • 2x azimuthing thrusters, Fixed Pitch Propellers in nozzles, 2150 kW each
  • Bow thrusters
  • 1x Retractable thruster, Fixed Pitch Propeller in nozzle, 860 kW, can be used as tunnel thruster in retracted position
    2x Tunnel thrusters, Fixed Pitch Propeller, 860 kW each
  • Crew: 15 persons
  • Maintenance personnel: 45 persons

  • All single cabins provided with internet, telephone and satellite TV.
  • Possibility to switch crew and special personnel cabins to suit the client's needs.
  • Other spaces:
  • offices, conference room, recreation dayrooms, mess room, smoking room reception room, hospital, drying room, changing room, workshops
  • Optional:
  • additional 30 bunks for maintenance personnel, to be placed in existing cabins
  • Bibby Wavemaster 1 ✠ 1A1, Offshore Service Vessel, COMF(C-2, V-2), DYNPOS(AUTR), Clean, SF, E0, DK(+), SPS, NAUT(OC), BWM(E), Recyclable, BIS, HELDK, Crane
  • Full options ✠ 1A1, Offshore Service Vessel, COMF(C-2, V-2), DYNPOS(AUTR), Clean(Design), SF, E0, DK(+), SPS, NAUT(OSV-A), BWM(T), Recyclable, BIS, HELDK, Fire Fighter(1), Crane
  • Cranes
  • Knuckle boom crane 1t AHC / 24t max SWL
    Knuckle boom crane 2t AHC / 5t max SWL
    Motion compensated crane
  • Acces systems
  • Uptime Access system with height-adjustable pedestral
    Other makes also possible
  • Daughter craft
  • Daughter craft Tuco Marine 10,5m
    Other makes also possible
  • Additional class notations
  • ERN* (99;99;99;98)
    Class notation CLEAN DESIGN
    Class notation BIS
  • Helicopter facilities
  • Helicopter landing area
  • Other options
  • External FiFi
    CTV Fueling
    Increased living quarters (90)
    DC grid

Service Operations Vessel at a glance
More access, more safety, more comfort

Accommodation for up to 45 turbine maintenance personnel and 15 crew. As an option this can be increased to 90 POB.

The hull requires less installed power than a conventional PSV thanks to its symmetrical wind profile and efficient four split switchboard system.

Helicopter deck
This helicopter deck arrangement results in an increased operability of the helicopter offshore. Besides that it provides additional means of gaining access to an offshore structure.

The bow section has been lowered to create a V-shape. This offers significantly reduced slamming, facilities inclusion and improved operation of the bow thrusters.

Daughter craft
The daughter craft is used as a means of transferring people to the offshore structure in favorable weather circumstances

Safe working area
Due to the design of the bulwarks direct access to and from the deck area is arranged

The primary access system is a motion compensated gangway.

Command & Control
The bridge and site management are included in one deck house

The vessel features a diesel electric main propulsion, increasingly favoured in the offshore market, driving twin azimuthing stern thrusters.

Deck space
A total deckspace of 470 m² including workshops and an extensive sheltered area

Crew transfer
Access has been provided for those boarding and disembarking the SOV via a crew transfer vessel.

The strong V-shape in the frames in the aft ship reduce slamming occurrence, while the concentration of volume in the mid ship region achieve a slender aft. Both features make stern to weather operations more comfortable than on a common PSV.

Covered container storage
In addition to the on-deck storage space, the SOV features a covered container storage area aft for turbine equipment.

The SOV features an active heave compensation crane with a 2 tonne lifting capacity at 27.5 m

The elevator has been located close to the motion-compensated gangway. This is just one of a series of features implemented in the vessel design to ensure a smooth flow of personnel and equipment for optimal workability.

Benefits for vessel operators

The Damen Shipyards Group is a family owned company with an excellent track record.
The Damen SOV is built for purpose and location.
The vessel’s excellent performance capabilities are backed up by independent test results.
O&M savings due to engine configuration. Design optimisation to reduce roll and heave motions.
Comfort onboard contributes to employee retention.
Flexible deployment. Suitability for both the offshore wind and offshore oil and gas markets.
Tailoring is possible due to a range of options.
High levels of redundancy.
Minimum working operability of 80% in North Sea conditions.
Vessel layout ensures efficient workflow and storage space.

Benefits for crew members

Designed for transporting crew, not goods. Comfort and safety come first.
Workspace designed with easy access to working areas and tools.
Accommodation areas located amidships to ensure minimal vertical acceleration and maximum comfort.
Accommodation areas are ergonomically designed for optimal comfort during extended periods at sea.
Design incorporates maximal natural light.
Stay fit with the onboard fitness centre.
Design optimisation to reduce roll and heave motions and, therefore, seasickness.
High level of redundancy for additional safety. Excellent performance capabilities ensuring safe transfers and comfort on board.

Interior design

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